Friendship in Switzerland

Few months ago I visited my buddy @sebastienclosuit in Switzerland for a week-end. 

We spent our first day in Lausanne. We had good times here and drunk some wine and shot cityscapes. Lausanne is a really peacefull city with cool symmetries and really good people. 

The next day we went in mountains and especially at an amazing bridge. The perspective & mood were unbelievable (as I love).

I could take some epic shots from this spot thanks to my Sony A7 DSLR camera. My Sony gear helps me everyday to improve my photography. Take a minute to check our shots from here :) 

I would thanks my buddy @sebastienclosuit for these perfect moments and for his availability to let me feel that we were friends from years. Can't wait to see you again buddy. 

Thank you Switzerland for being so good to me!